Dukes Stuntman Corey Eubanks “Stunt Stories” March 23rd at Cooter’s in Nashville

Dukes Stuntman Corey Eubanks “Stunt Stories” March 23rd at Cooter’s in Nashville

Corey Eubanks Stunt StoriesCorey Eubanks brings Stunt Stories to Nashville! 
Corey Eubanks has been working in the film and television industry as a professional Stuntman for more than thirty-five years. He is a three-time winner of the Taurus World Stunt Award, and has literally risked his life performing stunts for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Tom Cruise; Sylvester Stallone; Robert Downey, Jr.; Ben Stiller; Mark Wahlberg; Robert De Niro; George Clooney; Charlie Sheenand Arnold Schwarzenegger.

For the first time, Corey is taking his STUNT STORIES LIVE, disclosing the startling truth about what really happened during the filming of some of the biggest television shows and feature films Hollywood has ever produced, including “The Dukes of Hazzard” – “TheFall-Guy” – “The A-Team” “TRANSFORMERS” – “THE FAST AND FURIOUS” and “TERMINATOR GENISYS.

Corey will describe the intimate detail what it was like performing the biggest vehicular stunt in the history of film-making when he cannon-rolled a 42,000 pound prison bus at 60 m.p.h. during the filming of the mega-hit, “FAST 5”. And, show you behind the scenes footage of this epic, award-winning-stunt that has never been seen before by the general public!

Corey will also share some of his amazing stories that reveal what it was like working alongside some of the most successful Directors in the film and television industry, including Ron Howard; Tim Burton; John Woo; the late Tony Scottand Michael Bay.

As the youngest stuntman ever employed by Warner Brothers Television, Corey has jumped the world-famous GENERAL LEE more than any other professional stuntman in the world. And he will share with you his incredible experiences, and explain what it was really like working back in the 1980’s on hit television shows such as “The Dukes of Hazzard“; “HUNTER”; “A-Team” and “The Fall-Guy”.

Recently, Corey has been keeping busy working on some of the most popular shows in television, including “LETHAL WEAPON “ – “S.W.A.T.” – “CRIMINAL MINDS” – “N.C.I.S. – LA” – “HAWAII 5-0” and “LUCIFER“.

Proceeds will benefit Final Salute Inc.

The mission of Final Salute Inc. is to provide homeless women veteran and their children with safe and suitable housing. It is estimated that there are currently 55,000 homeless women Veterans in the United States on any given day. For the sacrifices they and their families have made, this is an unacceptable state for any of them to be in. Final Salute Inc. believes in paying women Veterans with the proper respects due to them for the service they have provided to our country. Final Salute also works with the Veteran in establishing her plan towards independence.

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